Product Name: GCL (Geosynthetic clay liner)
Min.order quantity: 1000M2
Supply Capability: 10000/D
Payment Terms: TT/ LC
Trade Terms: FOB,CIF,CNF,EXW
View: 3564
Product Details

GCL (Geosynthetic clay liner)

GCL is manufactured by three levels, including two levels of geotextile whose functions are protecting and strengthen to ensure shearing strength and tensile strength, inner content is Sodium bentonite clay. It is manufactured by nature layer silicate inorganic materials and has high expansibility and high water-absorbing capacity, when soak with low permeable capability, whose the main function is anti-seepage.

Specification of GCL:

Weight : >= 4000g/m2

Width : 4m ~6m

Length : 50m ,100m other size is available.

Color : white , grey , black

Application of GCL:

It is mainly used in environmental engineering or landfill emissions, underground reservoirs, underground infrastructure construction projects, sealing solution, segregation, anti-leakage ,good effect, anti-destructive.

Packing of GCL : Each roll is warpped in a plasti bag with paper tube inside , then into container.

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