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Introduction of CFE-640S&1280S&2560S
CFE is committed to the R&D and production of Residential ESS, actively respond to customer needs, and provide customers with professional, skill leading system integration and service solutions through technological innovation and industry chain resource integration. CFE Residential ESS can be combined with photovoltaic and other power generation systems to improve power supply quality and provide power supply guarantee for users all day; through valley time charging and peak time discharge, it can reduce household power consumption expenses of users, and at the same time, it can obtain economic benefits by selling power to the grid.
Advantages of CFE-640S&1280S&2560S
-Volumetric Energy Density increased by 23.5%
-LED power display screen and switch buttons
-Rugged stainless steel body ensures 5year warranty
-High protection level IP65
-Support 1C charge /discharge and excellent heat dissipation design
-Quick connection and insulation protection
-Stainless steel handles guarantees 3000 fatigue tests
-Supports four external connections in series with voltage up to 51.2V